Jack Kerouac, as Sal Paradise once said: "I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till i drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion." And I think that's a rather apt description of my blog over the years, and perhaps the most perfect description of me in general that I've ever read. So that's what this blog is, a collection of the falling stars that are beckoning me at any time.

01 September 2005

pictures and tidbits

yikes, I've been so non-blogging since school started again, I guess that could be a slightly positive thing since it means that instead of spending all my freetiime between classes and such online I'm working on art or fiction writing or something (ok I do spend a few hours online, but they are spent in composing long thoughtful emails to the Scottish fellow who's been steadily stealing my heart and that's pretty much mandatory computer time as far as I'm concerned, I get far too much joy out of our correspondence for it not to be, but Idon't spend too much more time online of late)

Actually I was thinking that its interesting the patterns in which we blog and take time away from it and how they vary in ways that tell a lot about our individual lives. Those with families and kids seem to have their hiatuses during the summer when there is an abundance of time to spend with the kids and take summer vacations, the scholastic of us have those beginning and end of semester lulls where we're focused on the newness of school or freaking out under the end of the deadline crunch. I guess it's like our bones have the story of our life written on them in bumps and textures , our blogging habits can tell alot about us.

but anyway: things I probably would have said over the course of many posts, but that are now condensed into one convienient post (it's like the reader's digest of my blog)

1. I was reading Myla Goldberg's 'Bee Season' in an anthology of Jewish writer's called 'Lost Tribe: Jewish fiction from the edge' It's about a girl who competes in spelling bees and in becoming a spelling protege suddenly becomes uninvisible to her father. And at the end where she's just spelled the word that will ein her the state championship if she gets it correct and she's waiting for the judge to confirm or deny it there is the most wonderful sentence I've read in a long time:
'Resounding, palpable silence. Nothing moves. Eliza
wonders if death is not a sleep you can't wake up from
but life reduced to one inescapable moment.'

2. I got the best lunch kit ever at Target, I really can't go into that store it's too dangerous I spend money I don't have to spend. I went to go get a usb drive that was on sale so I can convieniently carry around things I need to print or work on between my computer and computers attached to printers, and I ended up coming out with some school supplies I don't entirely need and a twin pack of polaroid film for my polaroid one (which isn't even the polaroid I own hat I have been hankering to use) but I did need a lunch kit really, I spend so much time at school that it's practical. so this is my new lunchbox:

3. I've been meaning to make my post about the goodies recieved in the fabric scrap swap. I got some really great peices of fabric and had a lot of fun participating. Hopefully people liked at least a few of the scraps I sent, I felt a bit sheepish when all the scraps I got in return were all in nice and neat squares and rectangles, I did go to the effort of trying to make the main 8 peices that everyone got the same of square, but for some reason I've never been a square scrap leaver, so the mounds of random scraps weren't very square, just wild. And I fept finding all kinds of crazy odd patterns squirreled away in the fabric room most of it vintage from the 70s so I felt compelled to send that around the world instead of sticking to all more normal fare. True to the form of these scrap posts here is a photo of some of my favourite of the scraps,

there were too many favourite ones to fit in one artful display so this is merely a selection, plus I've insane amounts more of toehr scraps now, I'm defintely glad that I participated it was a great experience.

4. Kevin sent me a link for craiglist for a guy selling a 16mm bolex for $100, sucre I don't have a spare $100, but damn it when will I ever run across a working bolex for so cheap, I wrote teh guy and am very interested in getting it, though if he hasn't already sold it yet, I'll probably inquire why he's not going to milk it on ebay and if the answer doesn't sound too fishy I'll probably buy it. I do really hunger to get my own bolex and start making films again, especially now that I understand where I and film stand on our needs of eachother.

5. so much linoleum! I'm pressing myself to do a lot of cuts right now that aren't related to anything else I need to do cuts for, personal work, whether this is going to lead to printmaking burnout with the amount of cuts I need to do for both of my book projects let alone anything I may do for a binding project I don't know but at present it makes me feel really industrious and on top of what I should be doing. I'm working alot in the personal realm on doing portrait cuts sort of like the one on the right of this photo from the edition book I did last semester

(bonus points to you if you know who that was a photo of) I'm doing a few of peole like that, celebrities, but I'm really also trying to convert a lot of the portraits of people that I've photographed into prints, sort of an I don't have access to a darkroom so I'll just turn my photos into linoleum prints :)
I'd still have to say that my favourite print I've made has been far more simple:

also a piece from my edition book. I've been considering printing up some prints to sell as sort of a fundraiser for my go to Wales and visit my famiily after graduation and of course take that essential little hop skip and jump up the UK to visit Ben. But I really don't know how saleable such stuff is, I've never actually done my art as an edition meant to sell or tried to sell it, mainly it's just been in a student gallery show and then retired to my own home, so damn if I know how much one charrged for anything let alone goes hey do you want to buy this.

well, tis about time to leave for class so that ends this post.

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