Jack Kerouac, as Sal Paradise once said: "I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till i drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion." And I think that's a rather apt description of my blog over the years, and perhaps the most perfect description of me in general that I've ever read. So that's what this blog is, a collection of the falling stars that are beckoning me at any time.

15 February 2009

Soundtrack to a Book Swap

So I'm finally getting off my butt and running this swap that I've wanted to do for like 5 years.

Back when I was still trying to write my novel (well I'm still trying to write it, I guess, I mean back when I thought I'd do more than incessantly re-work the 1st chapter) which reminds me I should start incessantly re-working the second chapter. I used to create these elaborate playlists to write to. I actually had a playlist and music profile for each of the 3 main characters. You know how there are method actors, well I might just be a method writer. Each character has a type of notebook paper and pen they like, their own handwriting, everything. (I never write first drafts on the computer, even my regular work, I'll figure out what copy should be on paper with pencil first.)

Anyway, I'm digressing, I always thought the book soundtrack was an under-explored idea and then [The Real] Tuesday Weld came out with his I, Lucifer album which was a soundtrack for the book of the same name that Glenn Duncan wrote. (It's both a great book and a great album that you should check out if you've never read/ heard them.) and I was excited to see someone else felt that way. OK, Poe's Haunted is also sort of related to her brother's book House of Leaves, but she also said that it was not a soundtrack it just followed similar themes because both works were influenced by their father's death. So obviously even though it's clearly related to the book (especially the song where her brother reads part of the book) she's just not that into the idea of writing an admitted soundtrack to a book.

At any rate I'm hosting a swap over on swap-bot for a soundtrack to a book. It should be both interesting and a nice challenge. Take a book and make a mix CD that relates to the book, either a true soundtrack, or where all the tracks are inspired by and related to the book's theme and/or characters. Then send a copy of the book and the mix to your partner.

You should sign up. It'll be fun.

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